Woman Receives Compensation for Slip and Fall Incident in Dunnes Stores

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A woman has received nearly €23,000 in compensation for a slip and fall incident that took place in her local Dunnes Stores. 

In November 2011, Anna Manning (66) of Clondalkin, Dublin, was browsing her local Dunnes Stores when she slipped on a potato wedge that had not been cleared up from a previous spill in the shop, and fell to the shop floor. Anna caught herself with her hands and knees, but was required to attend her GP the next day to seek medical attention for pains in her back and neck. 

Anna sought legal advice, and made a claim for compensation for a slip on a potato wedge in Dunnes. The defendants denied liability for the accident, and refused to give consent to the Injuries Board for Anna's claim to be assessed. Anna was issued with authorisation to pursue her claim for compensation in court. 

The case was brought to the Circuit Civil Court, where it was heard by Mr Justice Raymond Groarke. The judge was informed that Anna's slip and fall had aggravated a pre-existing condition, and that she had also sustained a wrist injury. The injury was negatively affecting Anna's daily life, causing her some degree of difficulty. 

Dunnes Stores contested these claims, arguing that it was Anna's own lack of care which caused her injures, and that they were not liable for the accident. The judge dismissed this claim of contributory negligence, and ruled in Anna's favour. He stated that Dunnes themselves had been negligent for failing to thoroughly clean up the previous spill. He added that Anna was a "very poor candidate" to fabricate her claim for compensation. 

Anna was awarded €22,900 compensation for a slip on a potato wedge in Dunnes. The judge commented that, on the balance of probabilities,the potato wedge on which Anna had slipped had likely been a "brother or sister" of the wedges that had been spilled earlier in the day.