High Court Hears Case for Compensation for Accident Involving Motorcyclist and Tractor

A collision between a motorcyclist and a tractor results in £1 million being awarded to the motorcyclists on compensation for the various injuries he sustained.

In July 2011, Warwick Buswell (44) of the Isle of Wight was travelling along Newport Road on his motorcycle. When he rode over the top of a hill and collided with a tractor and trailer that had been blocking the width of the road, which had been invisible to him until the crash occurred.

Warwick was brought to hospital where he was diagnosed with a serious head injury and several other injuries to his body. It was later discovered that the driver of the tractor was uninsured, and as a result, Warwick made a tractor accident compensation claim against the Motor Insurers Board, who are responsible for settling claims when the driver of the vehicle involved is lacks insurance.

Warwick alleged that the driver of the tractor-trailer combination had not used to correct exit to get onto the road from the farm, suggesting that had he used a more suitable exit, the accident could have been avoided entirely.

The defendant denied full liability for the injuries sustained by Warwick, saying the Warwick had contributory negligence. They claimed that Warwick was either travelling too fast on the road at 60mph, or that he failed to stop in time when the tractor and trailer came into view.

Due to defendant contesting the liability, the claim for injury compensation went to the High Court in London. Warwick's barrister stated that "His case is that this was obviously an unsafe place to exit the field and that there are a large number of alternatives which would have been safer." The hearing is still ongoing.