Compensation Awarded to Cyclist for Severe Brain Trauma

Compensation has been awarded to a cyclist who suffered severe brain trauma after he was knocked from his bicycle by a negligent driver.

In September 2010, John Wellock (65) of Greater Manchester was cycling along the A62 in Oldham when his bicycle was struck by a driver pulling out in front of him. He was knocked off of his bicycle, and-in spite of wearing a helmet-suffered serious brain trauma and fell into a coma.

John spent the subsequent nine months in hospital undergoing treatment for his injuries. He attended intensive care rehabilitation, and underwent therapy for his injuries. His wife was forced to give up her job in order to be able to care for him full time so that he could finally return home.

In Oldham Magistrates Court the following year, the driver involved in the accident admitted that he was guilty to driving without due care and attention. As a result of this admission of guilt, John made a claim for traumatic brain injury compensation against the driver's insurance company.

The insurance company admitted that their client was liable, and £2 million of compensation was negotiated as settlement after an investigation had been conducted on his future needs. The money will go towards providing John with support and care in the future, and will allow him to continue his recovery. John will continue to receive intensive care and rehabilitation.

After the case was closed, John stated:"I believe wearing a cycle helmet saved my life, I've been campaigning to try and make them compulsory for all. Anything that can be done to improve safety for cyclists is extremely important."

Elaine-John's wife-added that "The settlement is a massive relief and a weight off our shoulders. We can now look to the future as we know that John's care needs will be taken care of for the rest of his life".