Woman Receives Undisclosed Amount in Car Injury Compensation

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A woman-who broke both her arm and her leg when a car knocked her down at a zebra crossing-has received an undisclosed amount in compensation for her injuries. 

In December 2011, Janet Churchley (57) from Hull was crossing the road at a zebra crossing on Carr Lane after finishing work when she was struck down by a car. The impact broke Janet's leg, and when she fell to the ground, the landed at an awkward angle which caused her arm to fracture. The emergency services were immediately notified, and she was treated at the scene before being transported by ambulance to the Hull Royal Infirmary.

Due to the extent of Janet's injuries, she was confined to a wheelchair for three months. During which time, she was entirely dependant upon her husband for basic tasks such as washing or dressing, and was unable to make the journey upstairs so was forced to sleep on her sofa. Janet also had to undergo surgery to ensure that her broken arm and leg healed properly. She has been left with scars on her body due to these injuries.

Janet was unable to work for nearly a year after the accident occurred due to her injuries. She is now only able to work part-time. She has also become wary of crossing the road, even at zebra crossings, where it is normally deemed safe to do so.

She sought legal counsel, and made a zebra crossing injury compensation claim. The driver of the vehicle that hit Janet admitted that he had not seen her while crossing the road as he had been distracted. Despite this admission, his insurance company was slow in acknowledging how much compensation Janet was entitled to.

Janet was awarded an interim settlement while the negotiations were ongoing to cover her medical fees, and when such negotiations were eventually completed, Janet received an undisclosed sum as compensation-believed to be in the high five figures.