Motorcycle Accident Victim Receives £7 Million in Compensation

A motorcycle accident victim-who sustained severe brain trauma after a collision with a car-has received £7 million in compensation to help cover her medical costs. 

In 2008, Barbara Oliva of Sao Paulo, Brazil, was riding as a passenger on her husband's Honda on London's Embankment. The two were involved in a collision with a car, in which Barbara's husband sustained minor injuries. However, Barbara landed on her head as she fell from the bike. She was transported to hospital, and diagnosed with severe head trauma despite wearing a crash helmet. 

Barbara remained in hospital until she was once again well enough to travel. She returned to her family home in Brazil, but is no longer able to walk and has difficulty speaking due to her injuries. Barbara and her husband separated after the accident, so Barbara's mother made the claim for motorbike accident brain injury on behalf of Barbara. The claim was made against the driver of the vehicle, Yusef Mahmoud of Southwark, London. 

Mahmoud's insurance company admitted that he was liable for the accident. The police investigated the incident, and charged Mahmoud with reckless driving. His insurance company has already made interim payments of compensation to Barbara's mother to help pay for the care that she needed immediately after the accident. 

The case was brought before Mr Justice Lewis in the High Court in London. He was informed that the final compensation settlement of £7 million was negotiated between the two parties. The judge heard the circumstances of the accident, and stated that the settlement was "just and reasonable", approving it on Barbara's behalf. He commended Barbara's mother, Edna, for the care and devotion with which she treated her daughter since the accident occurred.